Poems on Earth Day…

I spent this day outdoors in honor of Mother Earth. Actually, I spent it clearing up the front gardens of all the debris from last fall. Playing in the dirt always sparks my creativity…


Excuse me,
did you lose
a crocus bulb or two?

They’ve settled in the grass
just here. I never saw
them coming.

cvb 2015


I didn’t plant
is sprouting
in the garden.
Chives I did plant
years ago hide small
mahogany heads
in their jungle.
I didn’t see until I knelt
and rested a gloved hand
in a swarm of sugar
ants. They didn’t
wait for me to say
it’s spring, it’s

cvb 2015

Photo Project: The Disappearing Act…

As winter turns to spring, the view from my kitchen window shows promise. The solid blanket of snow has turned to patches and the landscape has transformed from white to brownish-green. The following photos document the official end of winter…

I was away from home for that first weekend of spring. Then, the early spring rains and occasional above-freezing temperatures during the remainder of March jump-started a disappearing act. Note the receding snow line in the photos below…

What’s most exciting, but not visible in these shots, are the swelling buds on bushes and trees. But it’s happening! Really!

Winter Recedes…

It’s April 3rd, Good Friday, and it’s 67º outside my window. Spring has arrived and winter is slowly receding from New England. It has left it’s mark. Below, a previously globe-shaped bush has flattened under the weight of the snow…DSC_0207The poor young Honeycrisp apple tree took a beating…

And I neglected to cut back the hibiscus…but the snow took care of that for me.

DSC_0237One of the butterfly bushes bowed under pressure…

DSC_0263The plows mercilessly shoved the curbing aside…

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And something burrowed under it all…


But there are happy signs, too. The forsythia bush is budding…

And the tulips are poking through…



DSC_0273Welcome, spring, welcome!