Gratitude Spiral: Day 312

Today, I’m grateful for paper towels.

One of the many items missing from store shelves lately is paper towels. I’m not a heavy user — relying more on rags and cloth towels. But they do come in handy, and I’m not the only one living in my household. So, I buy them when we run out. Unless I can’t find any. My Dad called while he was shopping the other day to tell me he’d found some and asked if I wanted a six-pack. Yes, I did, as long as they were the select-a-size kind where you can use half a towel at a time. He assured me they were, but the ones he eventually gave me were not. I didn’t have the heart to point it out to him, so I’m stuck with a six-pack of paper towels that I’ll be ripping into smaller pieces until they’re gone. But I’m thankful to have them.

What are you grateful for today?

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