Gratitude Spiral: Day 196

Today, I’m grateful for my neighbor sharing her peonies with me.

She pulled her car over when I was out taking a walk the other day to tell me her peonies were blooming. She said she’d leave the clippers nearby so I could help myself. Peonies are beautiful. And peonies shared by a neighbor are even more beautiful!

What are you grateful for today?

Daily Gifts

Each day has such potential and so many opportunities to give and receive. Just yesterday, I sat in my favorite meditation chair at the beginning of the day to remind myself to be open to whatever the day might hold. Then, I went for a short walk.

I cut the walk short in order to make my weekly yoga class. I tell you this because it means I didn’t take my normal daily walking route. Instead, the final leg that day took me up a dead-end street perpendicular to my backyard. My neighbor was just coming out of her house.

“Do you want some peonies?” she asked.

I said “Sure!” not really knowing if it was plants or flowers she was offering.

She opened the passenger side door of her SUV, reached in, and produced a beautiful bunch of pink peonies. It was like a jar of sunshine! I finished my walk with a big smile on my face (and a bouquet of peonies in my hands).

So, whether you’re the giver or the recipient, remember that each day has its gifts. You just need to get out of bed and maybe even step out of your door. 🙂