Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle…

In response to the Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge for this week…

A Christmas gift from one of my daughters, who is quite the photographer, was a set of “macro” filters to fit my lens. I call them my “cheat macro lenses”. I’ve only begun to experiment with them. 🙂


This mug was a gift from another daughter. And the rooibos chai seen steeping within was a gift last year from this same daughter, who has taught me that THIS is not really tea!


And the circle of life is ever present…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio…

DSC_0360I admit it. I was not the kind of mother who dressed her daughters in lacy ruffles and patent leather shoes for the holidays. Shameful, I know!

This was taken on Easter Sunday at their grandparents’ house and all I can say is they were comfortable.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)Ordinary

This weekend I watched as my nephew was awarded his 4th black belt. Extraordinary! Part of the ceremony included a loved one helping to tie the new belt. A mother’s hands are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time:

DSC_0537Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)Ordinary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

Here I am, coming in just under the wire… Normally, I cheat and just dig through my archives for the weekly photo challenge, but when I saw the theme for this week, I thought, “Aha!”
I have all those colors growing in my yard right now!

Since it’s in every photo, I didn’t need one for green. And my blue, indigo, and violet may not match everyone’s definitions…but darn close enough! 🙂

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