Gratitude Spiral: Day 234

Today, I’m grateful for the blooming Rose of Sharon trees.

They always surprise me when they bloom because I’m not usually paying attention. They’re so pretty that I can almost forgive them for making baby Rose of Sharon trees pop up all over the lawn. 🙂

What are you grateful for today?

August Treasures

Every August, I look forward to the blooming of the hibiscus at the corner of my front yard, with it’s lunch-plate sized blossoms. It never disappoints!

The Rose of Sharon trees follow suit.


The honey crisp apples begin to ripen and so do the tomatoes!


DSC_0407 (1).jpg

The Sneeze Weed is in full bloom. . .

the Hydrangea & Zinnias are hanging on. . .


and the Coleus still stands its ground brilliantly. 🙂