Gratitude Spiral: Day 278

Today, I’m grateful for the uplifting music in the 2017 musical film, The Greatest Showman.

I finally watched this movie for the first time the other day. I’d heard, and even sung, some of the music before, but hearing and seeing the talented actors perform the musical numbers was so powerful. I’m thankful for their gifts and the gift of the amazing songs written for the film. They’ll be playing in my head for days!

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude Spiral: Day 218

Today, I’m grateful for the Carpenters Gold: Greatest Hits album.

On yet another rainy day, sitting at my computer, I decided to open iTunes. Much of the time lately, I prefer quiet, but I needed music yesterday. The first thing I saw was my recent purchase of this album full of old songs. Listening to it lifted my spirits and made life feel a little simpler for a while. 🙂

What are you grateful for today?